The engineer-certified, crash-rated Guardian bollard provides an option for an extremely protective bollard foundation system completed with a cast iron decorative cover.

  • Manufactured by J.R. Hoe in Middlesboro, Kentucky.
  • Custom logo or emblem may be cast into top surface of bollard.
  • Multiple K4/M30 rated foundation mounting options available, including:
    • K4/M30-rated fixed shallow mount
    • K4/M30-rated fixed deep mount
    • K4/M30-rated removable deep mount
    • Powder-coated finish offered in 25 standard color options.
    • Powder-coated chain and eyebolt attachment available.
  • Typical applications: high pedestrian or building protection, government buildings, high speed traffic areas, sidewalk-to-road parameter protection, high security requirement areas and more.

Product specifications

Specification Value
Top flat
OD (neck) 10.25"
OD (base) 10.25"
Height 42.25"
Sleeve weight 204 Lbs
Material ASTM A48 Class 30 Cast Iron

Download product drawings

CAD drawings available upon request

Installation instructions




Request crash rated installation drawings from info@bollardsusa.com

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