Operating out of Middlesboro, KY for more than 110 years, J.R. Hoe is a versatile, quality-focused manufacturer of cast iron and fabricated steel products supplying a wide range of industries throughout North America.

As a fifth-generation family-owned company, we have earned a reputation for exceptional products and service through an enduring commitment to quality, hard work and customer satisfaction.

A division of J.R. Hoe

Our roots stretch back to 1909, when J.R. Hoe left his position as foreman of a Pittsburgh steel mill, traveled by train to Middlesboro, KY and took over operations of a local foundry named Pioneer Iron Works.

Soon after, J.R.’s five sons — each skilled in the metalworking trades — followed him to Kentucky and J.R. Hoe and Sons was born. After primarily serving the flourishing coal mining industry for several decades, J.R. Hoe has diversified over time into abroad range of industrial, infrastructure and architectural products using its rare combination of iron casting, steel fabrication and in-house machining capabilities.

In the BollardsUSA brand, J.R. Hoe offers an industry-leading product line of decorative and impact-resistant bollards, offered with exceptional customer service and product expertise. All J.R. Hoe products are made in the USA from 80% recycled content and shipped directly to job sites and customers nationwide.


From materials sourcing and production to order processing and shipment, BollardsUSA brand bollards are manufactured and supplied with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. BollardsUSA employs a strategy of continuous improvement in striving to reduce the energy and resource demands of our operations while maximizing the use of recycled materials and energy efficient practices to the greatest extent possible.

BollardsUSA is a proud member of the US Green Building Council. Cast iron bollards manufactured by BollardsUSA qualify for LEED MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content and LEED MR Credit 5 – Regional Materials.

Why BollardsUSA?

As one of the only U.S.-based manufacturers of decorative and protective bollards, BollardsUSA offers what others can’t. 

  1. Domestic production

    Produced under domestic manufacturing regulations and shipped continentally, our bollards are the most sustainable and environmentally conscious options on the market. With BollardsUSA products, shipping and lead times have a stability inherent with domestic products. Manufactured and transported directly from our foundry in Middlesboro, Kentucky, we can offer faster delivery than other leading brands, as well as early mount delivery for pre-bollard arrival installation.

  2. Customizability

    If our stock options don’t fit your project just right, we’ll help you design one from scratch. Offering full product customizability including logo stamping, color matching and a mount to satisfy any specification, our in-house design and engineering teams will make sure your vision becomes a reality.

  3. Full-circle customer service

    When you purchase BollardsUSA products, our team stays in contact until the bollards are in the ground. With our early mount delivery system, the installation process can begin before our bollards even arrive. A two-part delivery can ensure that any needed replacement parts can be sent along with our bollards, speeding up the process as a whole.

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Proudly supplying American infrastructure for over a century, we pride ourselves on bringing jobs, assets and resources back to the national economy.