Sustainability is a key principle of our manufacturing process. We are continuously implementing practices that promote sustainability to our facilities, processes and manufactured products. 

  • A large percentage of the content used to produce our cast iron bollards is composed of recycled materials, meeting LEED criteria for Materials and Resources Credit 4: Recycled Content. We employ materials efficiency and green manufacturing practices to supply a high quality product that promotes a greener built environment.

  • In the course of 1 year, a container ship of imported goods can emit harmful pollutants equivalent to that of 50 million cars. Since our bollards are 100% domestically produced we are able to achieve a low-waste distribution strategy and strive to deliver our product through a climate-friendly supply chain.

  • We are proud to offer a quality product that is 100% domestically made under American environmental laws. Imported products are often produced in regions with little or no environmental regulations, causing increased ecological impacts and excessive carbon emissions. 

  • While environmental compliance is essential, we embrace the larger goal of environmental stewardship through a continuous process of improvement. From reused packaging and recycled foundry sand to green infrastructure and low impact development, we strive to produce cast iron bollards through environmentally responsible processes.