Safety Bollards

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Safety Bollards

There has never been a more opportune time to invest in pedestrian security as right now. Not only do city plans need to seriously consider providing pedestrian protection from accidents involving moving vehicles, but now populated outdoor areas are more at risk than ever for terrorist attacks by moving vehicles. Specifying safety bollards on your city project is a precaution that comes with no regrets, as investing in the security of pedestrians will not only deter accidental or purposeful harm to pedestrians by vehicles, but will avoid future repentance from architects, engineers and city planners who approved the design of the space. An example of this came in the aftermath of the London Bridge attack in June 2017, which resulted in 6 deaths and 48 more pedestrians injured. In the days following, London newspaper headlines read simply and directly, "Why Weren’t There Barriers?”
Our cast iron safety bollards can fulfill the needs of providing pedestrian security on your urban project. These safety bollards serve as both a visual deterrent and a physical barrier to provide protection from collision. They provide perimeter security and building protection, as well as prevent vehicle access to pedestrian areas where they could cause harm.

Each BollardsUSA cast iron safety bollard comes with a specially fabricated 4” schedule 40 steel pipe in which a threaded cap is welded into its top. The steel pipe mounting is our heavier duty mounting option that creates a permanent barrier which will withstand moderate impact. The steel pipe is to be installed into new concrete, and deep embedment concrete reinforcement is pivotal in providing the maximum amount of protection as possible.

Please note that proper installation of any bollard is dependent on site-specific engineering requirements. Materials, surrounding site conditions, and concrete installation all affect the amount of force a security bollard can withstand. Consult a project engineer for suitable requirements for your specific site submission.

Within the security bollard product line, there are various aesthetic options available to make your bollard selection both functional and visually appealing.
•    Color Options: These bollards are offered in 15 standard color options.
•    Top Option: Two cast iron top designs are available – the globe top and the round flat top.
•    Top Customization: The round, flat top options (R-Series) can be customized with custom logos or emblems, which is perfect for urban areas, parks, downtown revitalizations, and any area where customization can make your outdoor space unique for visitors.
•    Custom Steel Pipe Sizing: typically the sched. 40 steel pipe provides is 48” – if a different length is required, please contact BollardsUSA directly for pricing and availability.