Made in the USA

As a division of J.R. Hoe and Sons, all BollardsUSA cast iron decorative bollards are manufactured in our southeastern Kentucky production facility. Buying American made products benefits the US manufacturing economy and hardworking Americans, and provides a wide range of advantages to the customer.

Advantages of American Made


Working with a domestic supplier like BollardsUSA eliminates the disadvantages of overseas production. Since BollardsUSA products are made closer to the markets where they are sold, lead times are shorter and delivery dates more accurate.



As a domestic supplier with complete control over our manufacturing processes, we take advantage of materials efficiency, low shipping costs and a regional supply chain which allows us to pass those savings on to our customers with the most competitive pricing in the industry.



American made products set the standard for quality, and BollardsUSA cast iron bollards are designed and produced by skilled and experienced American workers who take pride in manufacturing the highest quality product on the market.


Customer Service

When customers contact BollardsUSA they speak directly with a member of our team who coordinates order progress and customer needs with our production, engineering and shipping departments. At BollardsUSA, customer satisfaction is our top priority.


American Pride

When you buy American made, you are supporting American workers and helping strengthen the foundation of the US economy. The grass is greenest where you water it, and by investing your business with American producers like BollardsUSA, you are engaging in the domestic economic cycle that helps to keep America great.