Bollard Color Options

All decorative bollards furnished by BollardsUSA are powder coated to provide a durable and appealing surface finish in the customer’s color of choice. We utilize a fully automated, professional powder coating process to ensure an attractive, long-lasting finish on all of our bollards.
The Powder Coating Process:

All parts are media blasted and thoroughly desanded in preparation for powder coating. In the pretreatment process parts travel along an 825-foot overhead conveyor to an environmentally friendly five-stage automated wash system, providing alkaline cleaning, rinsing and next generation conversion coating. The parts then pass through two additional rinsing stations, and continue to a high air velocity dry off oven before entering the powder rooms. In the powder rooms, ITW Gema guns are used to coat the electrostatically charged parts at 2.5 to 3.0 mils. The coated parts then travel through a 20’ infrared oven and a 95’ gas convection oven to cure the powder and create a durable, protective painted finish. In-house quality testing is performed regularly using ASTM standards.

The color selections below reflect a standard range of options, additional colors are available upon request.

Mid-Gloss Black
Flat Black
Black Gray

Iron Gray
Dusty Gray

Window Gray
Nut Brown

Timeless Bronze
Grey Beige

Traffic Yellow
Signal Red
Wine Red

Signal Blue
Fir Green