Buying Domestic: Why it’s a Win-Win in Business

Find out the immediate benefits of reshoring your business and production back onto American soil.

Published on: Oct 26th, 2016 03:33 PM

At the most basic level, buying American made products keeps US dollars on US soil, therefore supporting the United States economy at home rather than adding to the bottom line of countries abroad. When you buy American made, you are supporting American workers and helping strengthen the foundation of the US economy. The grass is greenest where you water it, and by investing your business with American producers, you are engaging in the domestic economic cycle that keep America in place at the top of the global economic ladder.
But there are many more immediate customer benefits that result from reshoring your business that has previously been done overseas. Here are some examples:

Working with a domestic supplier eliminates disadvantages of overseas production such as long lead times, inaccurate delivery dates, and inadequate customization abilities. Domestic companies have the agility to adjust to changing customer needs and provide closer communication lines during the course of the purchasing process, increasing the value of the business relationship. Acting quickly can make or break business opportunities, and having strategic partners who can adapt and change quickly to get your product to market can increase the value of your own business.

If it matters to you how your product is made, and what it is made out of, then you should consider purchasing from a domestic source. The US is a world leader in sustainable manufacturing.   It is an economic necessity in the U.S. to process recycled materials and utilize energy efficient methods of production. Recycled material content in the U.S. iron and steel industries is often over 80%, whereas most industrial production in the developing world still relies heavily on virgin raw materials taken from the earth. The energy sources that power U.S manufacturing are far more efficient than those in other parts of the world where little or no controls are implemented to protect the air and minimize greenhouse gases. Accelerated and unrestrained development has led to extreme environmental degradation in some parts of the world.   In addition, huge increases in trans-oceanic shipping have had a major negative effect on the marine environment of the planet.  By sourcing domestically, you support this progressive movement in U.S. manufacturing.
While international labor is known to be invariably cheap, domestic suppliers are able to provide value to customers through other avenues. A domestic supplier with complete control over its manufacturing processes can take advantage of materials efficiency, low shipping costs and a regional supply chain. These factors allow domestic suppliers to pass those savings on to customers with the most competitive pricing in the industry.
American made products set the standard for quality, as they are produced by skilled and experienced American workers who take pride in manufacturing the highest quality product on the market. The American-made brand is highly regarded for quality in the global market. Buying from a domestic supplier can also allow for better quality control. On site visits can happen on a regular basis so you can see the ins and outs of how and where your product is made before they get in the hands of you or your customers.
Customer Service
When customers contact domestically owned and managed businesses, they often speak directly with a member of the company team who coordinates order progress and customer needs with other departments. The communication gap is minimized due to proximity and commonality in culture, and therefore domestic companies are better able to serve their customers immediate and ever changing needs.
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