Bike Bollards

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Bike Bollards

Decorative and functional, our bike bollards are a smart addition to any public outdoor space in need of secure bicycle parking. Each of our bike bollard models can provide parking for at least two bikes. Our bike rack bollards can minimize the clutter in your landscape design by providing an out of the way, but aesthetically pleasing area for cyclists to store their vehicles. Here are our current bollard bike rack design options.

S-Series Bike Bollards

S-Series bike locking models are designed to provide a secure locking apparatus for cyclists while also maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space. With their slender body and protruding arched arms, these models are perfect for both protecting pedestrian areas and giving cyclists secure parking options.




Within the S-Series bike bollard product line, there are various aesthetic options available to make your bicycle bollard selection unique.

Color Options: These bollards are offered in 15 standard color options.

Arm Number: Our cast iron bike-locking bollards are also available with one arm or two arms, depending on the design needs of the project.

Top Option: Two cast iron top designs are available – the globe top and the round flat top.

Top Customization: The round, flat top options (160-RB1 and 160-RB2) can be customized with custom logos or emblems, which is perfect for urban areas, parks, downtown revitalization, and any area where customization can make your outdoor space unique for visitors.

Each of these bike bollard options can be installed in existing pavement or new pavement, with a variety of installation options available. Please check out the installation options available here.